Visitor Information

Welcome to Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center. We hope that your visit to our facility is a pleasant one.


Parking is provided in a variety of locations around the hospital. Please refer to signage for appropriate places. You are cautioned not to park in reserved areas or under the front entrance canopy of the hospital. These areas are used for admitting and discharging patients as well as for other reasons.


Federal law requires visitors to enter the hospital using public entrances only. Visitors will be asked to wear identification, which will indicate the area of the hospital they will be visiting. If a visitor is not wearing identification, hospital staff or volunteers may stop him or her and request that they wear an ID badge.

Waiting Areas

Specially designated waiting areas are available on each floor of the hospital. The main lobby or the ICU/Surgery waiting room on the first floor provides comfortable areas for reading or watching television. On the second and third floors, the lobby off the elevators provides quiet waiting areas.