Allergy Asthma Relief: No Cures for Asthma

Allergy Season Ahead

Allergies and allergy induced asthma is serious. While there are no cures for asthma, identifying and managing the early signs of asthma can save a life.

It’s allergy season and folks are really suffering from all sorts of allergic reactions, allergy-induced asthma, and asthma. Breathing problems can be serious and may be an early symptom of something to come, or a bigger problem. Asthma inflammation can be triggered by allergies causing already restricted airways to become even more restrictive.

Signs of asthma may be hard to distinguish from a typical allergy attack or allergic reaction to pollen, air pollution, or some other airborne allergen. It’s vital that folks who do suffer from allergies, asthma, or allergy-induced asthma know the triggers and be aware of the early signs and symptoms of these serious conditions.

Causes of Allergies

The body is really quite amazing in the way it responds to the environment and provides a method for protection and prevention from further exposure to certain substances. Pollen, a harmless substance, is not going to affect certain people. However, people with “allergies” will have an altogether different reaction to pollen.

The body’s immune system treats these allergens as invaders that wish to harm the body or disrupt normal body functions. An allergic reaction is what happens when the body senses that it has been invaded by what it considers to be a harmful substance. Reactions by the immune system toward the invading allergen vary from skin reactions, a runny nose, sneezing, or worse.

Allergy Asthma Causes

So just about anything can cause an allergic reaction in an individual. What causes a reaction in one person may not affect another person at all. These allergens can cause other problems in the body. Allergy induced asthma is basically asthma triggered, or brought on by the body’s allergic reaction to something.

Dust, air pollution, pollen, animal dander, dust mites, mold, and a number of other substances may cause an allergic reaction that in turn brings about an asthma attack. Doctors and medical experts advise folks with asthma and allergies to identify any and all possible inhaled substances or airborne allergens that may trigger an asthma attack.

There Are No Cures for Asthma

While there is no known way to completely eradicate asthma from humans, there are cures to treat some of the symptoms and side effects of asthma. Doctors and researchers know a great deal about the relationship between asthma and the body’s immune system. What is not known yet is why asthma occurs in some individuals and not in others.

So the bad news is there is no cure for asthma. The good news is that asthma can be managed and treated successfully. Many children with asthma may outgrow the condition. Many adults with asthma have learned how to manage their condition and go on to lead full and productive lives.

If one suffers from asthma, it is important to know the signs of asthma, one’s particular allergy asthma triggers, how to identify early symptoms and treat them quickly and keep in close contact with an allergist, doctor, or a good allergy and asthma clinic.