Finding school in the new place

When you are a parent moving to a new place, just like some of our readers that are moving in South Carolina, one of your top priorities is finding a new school for your children. We gathered here some tips to make this process easier.

New place – new school

How about the new school for my child?

  • The first thing to consider is: whether you want your kids to join a private, Independent school or local government schools.
  • You can ask your kid’s current school to recommend some schools in the area you are moving to.
  • Contact schools, ask to let some information sent to you, or arrange to go there in person.
  • Use the internet for school listings.
  • Collect substantial recommendations – it is the often the best way to make a decision.


Things to consider

  • Always a school nearer to your residence is better than one which is miles away.
  • You better take your kid with the proposed schools and let them have a share in deciding the school. Also by visiting the school\\\\\\\\\\s, kid will have a feel for it.
  • You need to see how the students are like and the general operation of the school. So don’t keep your appointment with the principal some time in the late evening or so. Make it convenient for you to meet him in the school hours.
  • Check for the comfortable level of the students in the class. Whether they are attentive or bored or whatever. You learn lot of things by observing an ongoing class.
  • Check whether the school has any particular emphasis on any sport or music etc.- like if the school is famous for football and your kid has passion for it, then you better join your kid in that school.
  • Check the facilities like the library, the sports arenas.


Yep I got a school for my kid : what now?

  • Its very important that when your kid starts going to the school, at least one familiar face, makes his job pretty easy. So introduce him/her to the teachers and make sure he/she is comfortable with someone to lean on later.
  • Make a list of the things that are needed for going to the school and start buying them and get your kid accustomed to those.
  • Check the previous school records, that are needed in the new school, are all sent properly.
  • If your child is taking any medication, or has any special needs, let the teachers know.
  • Organize the kids travel – take any bus passes or concession cards.


Till the first day…

  • Check the make of the uniform that is needed, if there is one, and make sure that the kid has one on the first day of the school.
  • How is your kid going to the school? Show him the route and make sure that he can go by himself.
  • Go shopping and let your kids pick out what they’d like to take for lunch. Having some control of the situation will make them feel better.
  • Its better if you pick up your kid by yourself for some days, if you can make it. Also make arrangements to meet at some specific place. Make a clear plan what to do if you are late.


Some additional points

  • How many parent-teacher meetings they conduct in a year? and how many times you have the chance to discuss the progress of your kid?
  • If your kids are in their last years of primary school, find out which secondary school most of the students will go to, and arrange to enroll them there. Without reason, avoid sending them where they will have to make a new group of friends yet again.


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